The Zayger 3D Watches #Kickstarter Press Release – #Watches #jewlery #crowdfunding

Contact: Kinship Marketing

Watch maker Shlomo Mockin Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for 3D watch company, Zayger Watches.

The goal is to raise $40,000 for the production of a new type of watch that will be a combination of 3D Printing and traditional manufacturing.

Brooklyn, NY — Shlomo Mockin has launched a crowdfunding campaign on, in hope of raising a total of $40,000 to help cover the costs associated with the production of a new type of 3D watch.

“Zayger will create watches combining modern manufacturing methods such as 3D printing and laser cutting with old school hand finishing and polishing techniques. Hand engraving, hand painting and enameling will be the finishing touches to make beautiful, stylish and unique timepieces that will stand out, without straying too far from the “classic” watch look.”

Supporters are invited to make a contribution ranging from $1 to $3,250.

Donors won’t walk away empty-handed. Contributors will receive a thank you gift, ranging from a thank you to an 18k, Leather Zayger watch.

To make a contribution or to learn more about Zayger Watches, visit