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Cynthea Recovery Fund

Cynthea was brutally attacked on 11/11/12 and suffered a crushed skull and numerous facial fractures. She is at home and she still has major surgeries to go.


My name is Johnny and I am an old friend of Cynthea’s and I have her permission to solicit funds on her behalf to help provide her with some relief and support. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to date.
We continue our campaign on her behalf because her life is still in chaos and it will never quite be the same. Any help is appreciated. Thank you from all of us who Love this remarkable Being.

My friend was horribly assaulted and brutalized during what may have been an attempted rape on 11/11/12. Cynthea is a beautiful, conscious hard working single woman. She suffered a fractured Skull, broken Jaw, her Nose and facial bones are fractured and broken. All that with the bruising and the trauma associated with it.

Cynthea was lucky the Hospital she was able to drive herself to had one of the best Facial reconstruction surgeons in LA. As a result of her injuries she will not be able to work let alone recover from her injuries for quite a while (16 months) as the doctors are planning many revisions to her initial surgeries…

11:11:2012 In Her own Words
Cynthea Forest Orrin Thyme aka Cynthea Paul

I am very shy and normally would never let anyone know, but through the insistence of my friends and through sheer necessity I am reaching out. This in and of itself is a breakthrough for me.”

“In short, I attended a beautiful benefit for Rainforest Indigenous Indians given by the Luv Amp Crew. I was on my way home and just having seen friends on the corner I felt OK to walk to my car.

As I was getting into my car a drunk unidentified man tried to get in my car with me. I kicked him out and he got angry and pulled me out by my hair and in short beat the cr** out of me. The beating resulted in him crushing most of the bones in my face, jaw, eyes, and breaking my skull into several pieces….

“After the Assaulter ran away I was on the ground and I had to say to myself “Cynthea get up…get up…I couldn’t see anything… I got in my car, locked the door.. I was so afraid he was going to come back and that he had stolen my keys..and was going to kill me…. I was projectile bleeding all over my car..and I knew that I could just sit there and die.. I tried calling 911 but my phone was filled with blood. and wouldn’t work. I knew either I sit here, he comes back or I die from losing too much blood, or I get out of the car, face my fears and figure out how to get out of there.

The precious moon or stars glinted on a tiny piece of a key sticking out from under my car. I could barely see, but that little spark caught my eye!!! Miracle…

I got on the ground and started climbing under my car…all my keys were scattered all over the ground under my car. I couldn’t see anything..but felt them. I found the car key! I got back in the car and started driving. I couldn’t see anything. Everything was covered in blood . I was going 5 miles an hour. I made it to the freeway.

I got Siri to work on my phone and told it to call my room mate.
I told him “you’re going to have to take me to the hospital.”
He said where are YOu?
I couldn’t see anything so I didn’t know where I was.
He couldn’t come get me if i couldn’t tell him where to come! He said you’re right near the hospital. Take yourself there…
I drove on the shoulder of the freeway hoping I wouldn’t crash into anything…i got off and made it to the hospital.

When I got there the security guard didn’t know where the entrance was!!!! i walked around the entire hospital bleeding all over 3 times before I could find the door. By the time I got there I almost passed out. I remembered my old insurance number..(I was no longer insured) I told them there might be a glitch in the computer…THEY LET ME IN!! and the rest was pretty gory‚Ķ

They told me that in 20 years they had never ever seen someone with that much damage. I couldn’t imagine how that was possible they must see so much! Anyway..then of course prep for surgery…

The rest, well, has been quite a ride…I’m so lucky and fortunate for the adrenal rush I had that made it possible for me to make it.
How clear I was that I wanted to live…to get another chance to love people more…to experience a little more of this amazing life.

And that I’m glad I faced my fears. Long ago I might not have chosen that…so I’m grateful …really grateful I’m still here.”

1:03:2012 Update
“I am so blown away at how unbelievably powerful this whole ordeal has helped me become! today I stood up to someone who has bullied me all my life.

I was totally in my power, had amazing boundaries and stood my ground. This was a miracle compared to my old behavior.

This assault has taught me not to let anyone including myself devalue my spirit. I am learning true power from within. Thank you great spirit!!!

Thank you my friends for giving me so much love and giving me the strength to go on everyday! Thank you for being so supportive. You guys are amazing. I love you.”