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American Networker is one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the country! We help independent, driven entrepreneurs like you get started working for themselves. We find incredible opportunities, develop the marketing and provide the logistical support to help you work as an independent contractor without all the hassle of setting up your own business. All you have to do is get the word out!

Our team members work for themselves using the strategies and marketing materials we provide. They get paid for each sale not just once, but each month for as long as the people they sign up keep using the product. They work today to build residual income that they can live on for years to come!


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Each person you sign up for cell service becomes part of your Network. Then each person they sign up also becomes part of your network. You are effectively building your own team! You receive a debit card and get paid each month for the total size of your Network!


Plan Overview

Plan Overview

Kinship Marketing is having a huge sale until April 30th!


Kinship is a new marketing company that is dedicated to marketing independent creators at the lowest costs possible. We are officially 100% and to celebrate we are having a week long sale for all of our services. Until April 30th we are taking $50 off any of our marketing services. Our prices are already insanely low for the amount of marketing we’re offering but now you can receive

– Small Business Marketing for $70 a week!

– $200 for 5 weeks of Kickstarter or Indiegogo Marketing!

– $200 for 5 weeks of Self-Published Book Marketing!

– $200 for 5 weeks of Etsy Store Marketing!

We work in any and all aspects of marketing. Please have a look at our site and see some of the services we offer. If you need marketing of any sort please contact with us with your specific needs and we’ll be happy to work with you. Simply fill out the form on the website and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Give Me Attention Twitter Marketing Software for ony $5!

Give Me Attention! is a bot that guarantees a new follower to your Twitter account every 2-15 minutes. Unlike most of the Twitter marketing software I’ve seen, Give Me Attention! doesn’t require your Twitter account password, proxies or following users.

You simply enter a Twitter handle, a keyword you would like to market to and how many new followers you would like. Give Me Attention! logs into a catalog of fully profiled Twitter accounts and delivers a new follower every 2-15 minutes. The account also does a small series of actions, making it look as human as possible. Things like sending a few Tweets, following other users based off the Keyword you’ve given or following back users. These actions ensure the accounts look as human as possible and that they’re interacting with other accounts you would like to market to.

– It runs off its own private proxies.

– You can enter any Twitter account you like! You’ll be able to sell followers or just make sure all your accounts have a strong following.


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The SunSara Comicbook Kickstarter – New Incentive! Check it out!

Week Two Incentive


Here’s an early concept for one of the characters from Sunsara. A little bit too western for it, but I was trying for a futuristic western flair. He didn’t make it, but who knows, maybe I’ll work him in somehow down the road.

We’re stalling a little bit with the Kickstarter, so I’ve added an incentive for this week. If we can reach 75% of the goal by the end of this Saturday, April 13, I’ll customize every copy of Book One with a sketch for all levels above $30. So please share the Kickstarter with others and if you haven’t put in for at least $30 then this is a little incentive to throw in a little more.

Thanks and let’s keep this moving!

Thank you Mortifera Comics for the kind review of Kinship Marketing. :-)

“Kinship Marketing helped out the Mortifera Comics Kickstarter and the results were definitely noticeable. We had been trending fairly well, but I believe Kinship helped get us noticed to a broader demographic of people. When they started working with us, our page views increased and video views went up as well. To put it succinctly, if you have a strong product and an indie sized marketing budget, Kinship can help.”


-Stephan Frost
Mortifera Comics
Kickstarter 217% Funded